Fidesz is running from debate

At all political levels, Fidesz refuses to conduct debates with its most likely challenger, Jobbik.

After the government party’s parliamentary faction leader Gergely Gulyás turning down a debate with Jobbik’s faction leader on the migration issue, Fidesz now cancelled the political debate organized by RTL Klub television. Viktor Orbán is afraid of Gábor Vona, Fidesz makes the central decision to pull out its politicians from or cancel events where they could have a face-to-face debate with Jobbik. The only opposition force they are willing to debate with is their satellite, the Fidesz-infiltrated Socialist Party, which they attempt to keep on a lifeline this way.

Viktor Orbán and Fidesz are afraid, that’s why they have destroyed the freedom of the press, that’s why they curb the freedom of speech and keep expanding their corrupt, authoritarian system to every area of life. They want to ban their main challenger; they set the government-influenced prosecutor’s office, the State Audit Office, the public administration service and their dishonest, partisan media on Jobbik. That is Viktor Orbán’s plan, and that’s what Jobbik will put an end to in 2018. We will end the mafia government, we will have the perpetrators answer for their crimes, we will restore the rule of law and the fundamental rights that are trampled upon today.


Ádám Mirkóczki, Jobbik's spokesman