Fidesz' former secretary of state Zoltán Illés signs for Wage Union

More and more people decide to back the wage union initiative, including many public figures from Fidesz supporters to other pro- opposition individuals. This time it was Mr Zoltán Illés, the second Orbán government’s state secretary for environmental affairs who submitted his statement of support.


Last week it was LMP’s ex-president and MP András Schiffer’s turn to sign  for the wage union initiative, who explained his decision saying that “Not only do I agree with the concept, I also think it is the most important thing.”


Last Monday the former Christian Democratic mayor of the town of Miskolc, Tamás Kobold showed up at a local stand to sign for the initiative. The Wage Union’s Facebook page just posted some photos of Fidesz’ former secretary of state giving his signature for the wage union. Joining forces with several eastern central European states, Jobbik increases the pressure on the EU to reduce the gap between eastern and western wages.


Talking to HírTV in a recent interview, Zoltán Illés said he would still run for a parliamentary seat under Fidesz’ banner, but he believed that the government was conducting a corrupt and dishonest policy and its chances for winning the 2018 elections were decreasing. “Many people within Fidesz agree with my opinion but they don’t voice it,” said the former state secretary.

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To sign the Wage Union initiative, click here!