Everybody should keep their own roots

"The people living in the European Union want to continue leading their lives according to their own cultures, traditions and religious roots," stated Jobbik MEP Krisztina Morvai on Saturday in Bicske, Hungary.

Speaking to about a hundred participants of the demonstration "against the deportation of migrants to Hungary", she expressed her opinion that illegal migrants also preferred to live according to their own culture and traditions and they had wished to strengthen their own homeland which they had been working and studying for until they finally left their homes for various reasons. "We should demand the elimination of these reasons so that the people involved in the migration could stay in their own homelands," she added.

Two sides of the barricade

Talking about the migration crisis, Krisztina Morvai emphasized that it brought the clash of two ideologies. The first one is based on the neoliberal values of the Western world, where demographic problems are solved by the immigration of rootless, easy-to-manipulate cheap labour force. The other ideology promotes staying in the homeland, and its followers prefer belonging to their own communities, nations and living according to their own customs. She believes that "the war is going on between these two sides" and "the homeland promoters" must coordinate their efforts in the host and transit states as well as in the source countries.
The Member of the European Parliament encouraged the demonstrators to provide the migrants with garbage bags and rubber gloves, and ask them calmly and politely to collect all the garbage they leave behind and put it in the waste containers. Sharing her positive personal experience in Pélmonostor, she said that the migrants responded quite constructively to her request there and cleaned the area within minutes.

First aggression against Hungary since 1956

In his speech, Jobbik's vice president, Dániel Z. Kárpát emphasized: “Ever since 1956, Hungary's borders have not been subjected to such an aggression as the one we have just experienced.” He expressed his opinion that foreign powers were also instrumental in the siege of the border at Röszke.
The MP believes that the Croatian borders will soon be a scene for similar problems, so a fence must be erected immediately and it must be protected by human force because the flood of migrants will not stop. He thinks the second wave is over but the third one will be much more powerful. Destitute masses of people will arrive from Sub-Saharan Africa, their numbers may be as high as ten thousand a day.