Even arrogance should have its limits

After letting rich migrants in, Orbán now has been allowing poor ones to come as well: in addition to the 20 thousand rich migrants who arrived through Rogán’s residency bond business, the government has taken in a thousand poor ones this year, thus doubling the number from last year.

Everything has its limits, even arrogance. Viktor Orbán knows nothing of that: he keeps scaring people with a Soros Plan, while his Fidesz is the only party ever to have settled migrants in Hungary. And as we can see, there’s always more and more coming. In 2018, Jobbik will put an end to Fidesz’ migrant business and scaremongering, too. While Fidesz wants to make a living on the migration issue, Jobbik wants to solve it. And we will, too. With Hungarian hearts, common sense and clean hands.

Péter Jakab, Jobbik's spokesman