Europe welcomes illegal immigrants while abandoning real refugees

While the European Union allows illegal immigrants to enter without proper control, Brussels and Washington directly or indirectly support their persecutors, thus joining in to persecute the persecuted. László Toroczkai aired this theory in his latest Facebook post. He added that he was ready to personally support the Christian resistance which had taken to arms. This article looks into how much truth there is in the words of the mayor of Ásotthalom, if any. It might not sound like a great revelation if we state at the beginning that there is quite a lot of truth in what he says...

Toroczkai is the mayor of Ásotthalom, a town or rather a cluster of farms which lies on the EU's land border exposed to the greatest migration pressure. The politician had gained national awareness as a dedicated subject of the Holy Crown and the leader of the Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement. So it may come as no surprise that he expressed his thoughts on Christianity and illegal immigration within the same post on his social media site on King St. Stephen's day.

First he shared a photo about Syrian Christians going into war against the Islamic State: they are men of military enlistment age who do not flee but arm themselves in order to protect their houses, homes and their motherland. Toroczkai points out that, interestingly enough, nearly all of the men of enlistment age flooding in Hungary at the area of Ásotthalom are Muslim. Allegedly, these people are refugees, who took refuge from something, in other words, they turned tail and ran from their homeland. The Christians represented in the post are undoubtedly more courageous, just like the self-defence militias organized by the local population, including even Sunnis.

You must also note here that Budapest or Brussels are unable to identify who are the persecuted and who are the potential persecutors. Which does matter, by the way. Fadi, a refugee who crossed the border illegally at Ásotthalom and we interrogated, told us that he had to wear his necklace with the cross medal underneath his shirt among the alleged refugees, even though he had always sported it in the Christian quarter of Damascus, which is under constant missile attack. The reason was that a significant share of refugees sympathize with the Islamic State, the Nusra Front or other extremists.

The European Union receives illegal immigrants without proper control

This is how 30-year-old Laith Al-Saleh and his friends got from Syria, Iraq (and who knows where else) to the island of Kos, then through Macedonia and Serbia to Hungary, as refugees. Earlier, Al-Saleh had participated in the war as an armed soldier of a militant group. Wearing the green colour of Islam and a "Thank you" on his T-shirt, he is currently travelling on a ferry heading to the European coast. According to international experts and even by the Islamic State's own account, many extremists may already be in the territory of the European Union. They thank us Europeans for being so stupid. They might even be smiling to themselves and say: "if you're stupid, you deserve to die."

Al-Saleh has had his fun shooting around and now thanks Europe for the heartfelt hospitality.

Al-Saleh of Aleppo was in command of 700 armed soldiers in the colours of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). In his own account, he did fight against the terrorist organization of the Islamic State. You may need an explanation in two paragraphs to understand this situation, because

the FSA is not a terrorist organization in the eyes of the US and the EU.

They consider it as the armed force of the democratic opposition. However, the FSA is known to have raided churches, while a commander tore out the heart and liver of an enemy, and ate it. Then he encouraged his followers to do the same against the members of the Alavite minority, to whom Syrian president Bashar al-Assad also belongs. The number of deaths in that minority is on the rise. Another important circumstance is that there are countless independent groups acting in the names of most "brands" (FSA, the Nusra Front of Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State). These independent armed bands are typically mercenaries who easily transfer from one umbrella organization to the other, depending on the given situation and the balance of power at the particular moment. Most of the time their goal is nothing but to control and pillage a given area. It's just like if you have a food store, you can freely decide to join CBA or any other franchise, you just display the logo that is the most sought after at the time. Furthermore, the local franchisees of these umbrella organizations can fight for and against each other and get intertwined in more complex structures than the leftist and liberal parties in the municipal elections of an average Hungarian town. In Aleppo, where Al-Saleh was allegedly fighting against the Islamic State (IS), the FSA camp teamed up with the black banners of IS against the government forces, as reported and proven by several photos. The local members of these two organizations have been posing together in photos more and more openly.

One is supposed to be persecuted, the other is openly backed by Washington

The European view, which had been influenced by the US, does not help you to understand and track where and under which brand name the 700 hundred armed soldiers formerly in Al-Saleh's command are shooting around right now, either individually or retaining some of their former groups. What we do know is that Al-Saleh openly admits that he wants to help these people even after he settled in Europe. The atrocities committed by the FSA, the armed branch of the US-backed Syrian National Coalition which is also recognized by Hungary, would deserve a whole article, too.

In the meantime, the masses of Iraqi Christians live in refugee camps in Kurdistan, and may have to spend a long time there, abandoned and living in miserable conditions. Relying on her common sense,

a mother of seven whose little daughter was kidnapped by the Islamic State would not continue running all the way to the other end of the world

because she hopes that she could get her child back one day, which would obviously be more difficult if she was far away somewhere in Hungary or Denmark. Her view is shared by many other people.
While the European Union receives illegal immigrants without proper control,

Brussels and Washington backs the persecutors either directly or indirectly.

People who interpret the known facts in an oversimplified or perhaps just simple way and claim that the birth of the Islamic State was prompted by the US and its allies, such as Israel, are sidelined, ridiculed and discredited in the leftist liberal media saying this is just a conspiracy theory, so whoever believes it must believe in the lizard people, too. However, Israeli defence minister Moshe Ya'alon admitted in a press conference that humanitarian aids may be received by rebels belonging to the Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of international terrorist organization Al-Qaeda. In return, these terrorists who, interestingly enough, are relatively passive in the Palestinian issue (although they do blow up a few Hamas vehicles), stay away from the Israeli border. Getting clearer? Al-Qaeda's terrorists receive medical care in Israeli hospitals, even on September 11, the anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

The Nusra Front and the Islamic State share the same "ideology", that is why there have been talks of a merger of the two organizations despite the occasional "brotherly fights".
By the way, the US-backed FSA described above has stood up for and fought side-by-side with Nusra Front, which is listed by Washington as a terrorist organization. This is a major contradiction and easy to recognize, and you may wonder how it could possibly go unnoticed by the White House or Brussels, where they have so many highly-educated experts and politicians. A more credible explanation is that they do notice it and want it that way, too.

Toroczkai concludes that "the US, Israel and their allies have abandoned Syrian Christians and backs Islamist groups instead,

while also supporting immigrants, some of whom despise us, European Christians and consider us as slaves whose function is to serve them."
Based on the information detailed above, this is no longer a conspiracy theory or delusion of the extreme right, it is an objective fact that is supported by several references in this article, too. Fadi, the Christian refugee asked us some inconvenient questions, too: "Why is the EU doing nothing against the illegal oil, artefact and organ trafficking? Why doesn't it take measures to stop the flow of human resources and weapons? Why doesn't it exercise pressure on its local allies such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Israel to block the supplies of Nusra Front and ISIS?

Why do they persecute the persecuted?

A Syrian politician informed us that the terrorists have Hungarian IDs in their pockets, some of the immigrants are members of armed groups, and while the US keeps declaring war on terrorism, the territory controlled by the Islamic State keeps getting larger and larger. The US' allies supply money, weapons and other means to the rebels against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad because Damascus made the mistake of leaning towards Moscow and making business with Russia, while the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia which is based on Wahhabi fundaments similar to the ideology of the Islamic State, tend to slope towards Washington. By the way, the flirtation between Saudi Arabia and the Islamic State was discussed in Dániel Sógor's interesting interview  for
Meanwhile, certain organizations in Assad's former opposition, including some that had even been banned in Syria, have recently "sided with the dictatorship" to create a chance to establish a secular state. The military branch of the Syrian Socialist National Party promises to protect all Syrians from persecution, that is why they demonstrate military presence in several cantons such as the Druze-populated As Suwaida, or among the Christians in Homs. Christians are not the only ones exposed to the risk of death: Shiite, Alavite, Druze or other minorities, and even moderate Sunni, all considered as part of the Islamic family, are in grave danger, too. In fact, basically all people are under threat unless they belong to the misinterpreted, extremist version of the Wahhabi religion. According to certain accounts, a third of the military eligible Shiite population is already dead.

This is not a cut scene from the Walking Dead, it is an atrocity committed by the US-backed FSA (18+)

In these circumstances, it may not come as a surprise that voluntary Christian militias need to rely on themselves and the Syrian government forces in their struggle to defend their homeland. Common sense suggests that the covert and open operations against the government forces do nothing but pave the way for the Islamic State and the Nusra Front as the FSA, which is falsely represented as a democratic opposition organization, is rather weak.

True to his function as the elected mayor of Ásotthalom, Toroczkai adds that

his primary goal is to protect the borders of Ásotthalom and Hungary (thus the EU, too),

as well as to continue the political struggle against the settlement of illegal immigrants who already got into the country. In addition, he will organize a campaign to support Christians who stay back home in Syria. He also wants to help them personally, and he is sure that many other European Christians are ready to assist them as well.

"Of course, we are ready to lend a helping hand to those in need, to those who don't want to invade a new home (which happens to be ours) but to protect their own."

- concludes the politician who has proven his readiness for action several times.