The EU-provoked Russian boycott causes severe economic damage

Jobbik would claim damages from the European Union for the hundred billion HUF lost by Hungarian manufacturers due to the loss of the Eastern market.

Russia's boycott on agricultural and food products of EU-origin causes severe damage to Hungarian farmers and manufacturers, therefore Jobbik urges the Hungarian government to start bilateral negotiations with Moscow to solve the issue. After assessing the losses, the government should claim damages from Brussels since it was the EU sanctions that prompted the boycott – said Jobbik MP Márton Gyöngyösi in his press conference.

The politician reminded the public that Russia had imposed a ban on EU products in response to the EU sanctions. This causes an economic disadvantage for Hungary, blocking our exports to the East - explained Márton Gyöngyösi.

Jobbik calls upon the government to follow the example of several other EU countries and claim damages from Brussels, set up an inter-governmental committee of Hungary and Russia, and begin bilateral negotiations. Gyöngyösi reminded that Hungary had a strategic relationship with Russia, due to the treaty on the Paks nuclear power plant or the ongoing negotiations on the South Stream pipeline, for example - he listed.

Even though a major part of the Hungarian press downplayed the issue, Hungarian farmers and exporters did suffer significant losses as a result of the boycott. The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has also pointed out the drawbacks, experts estimate losses around nearly a hundred billion HUF – said Gyöngyösi. He added that the boycott mostly hit around a thousand Hungarian small and medium enterprises that produce 25 per cent of the export to the East.

The politician said this was especially alarming in a situation when our export opportunities to the West are also diminishing, while the highly disadvantageous EU agreement with the South American countries caused an influx of cheap products, further aggravating the situation of Hungarian traders.

That's why Hungary needs to stop acting as the mouthpiece of the European Union and initiate bilateral negotiations with Russia, then assess the losses and hold Brussels accountable for them - concluded Márton Gyöngyösi.