Chernobyl sends a message back from 30 years ago

In Jobbik’s view, it is vital to remember and to remind others of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that took place exactly thirty years ago.

We must remember all those who lost their lives due to the atomic catastrophe. Regardless if they were employees of the power plant, participants of rescue missions, damage management operations or perhaps civilian casualties, we pay great respect to their memory, their bravery and heroic efforts. This anniversary also makes us remember all the victims of the world’s industrial and environmental disasters.

As a responsible political force, we must also remind people of important issues. We must remind them where a combination of human irresponsibility and unstable political conditions may lead. The Soviet block’s authoritarian political regime and its policy to hush up the disaster was actually responsible for more casualties than the explosion in the plant itself. Ukraine is highly unstable today, too, and these uncertain conditions do not allow for a responsible and safe operation of such hazardous institutions as a nuclear or a chemical plant. This fact is clearly shown by the operational disorders experienced in recent years.

Jobbik also condemns any attempts by irresponsible Hungarian and international political forces to use the anniversary and the memory of the victims to create atmospherics against nuclear technology, just for their own political benefit. Hungary is an example that nuclear power plants can be operated safely for many decades. It is an important long-term goal to replace the technology by renewables and to increase Hungary’s energy independence but it can only be achieved by a government with a responsible mindset. Scaring people just to rake in profit is reflective of a mindset that is neither responsible nor patriotic and in fact, nor green at all.


Lajos Kepli, Jobbik MP, Hungarian National Assembly