Challenge CETA on legal grounds

Jobbik believes citizens should turn to the European Court of Justice on account of the EU-Canada free trade agreement (CETA), as the treaty is in conflict with EU law. In his Budapest press conference on Tuesday, the opposition party's deputy faction leader Gábor Staudt said if the treaty was in conflict with EU law then any political debate was pointless, too. Noting that the EU's practice does not allow for parallel courts, he added that environmental rules must not be overlooked, either.

Calling the government parties' position cynical, Jobbik MP Tibor Bana criticized Fidesz for pretending to do their best in defence of national interests while ignoring the threat that the agreement poses to Hungary's sovereignty, environmental and health safety.

In his view, the government parties are giving up Hungary's GMO-free status, while the state-investor dispute settlement process will enable multinational companies to sue national states. "The treaty puts employees as well as small and medium enterprises into a disadvantageous position," added the opposition politician, speaking in front of a "We can do it! Let's stop CETA and TTIP together!" banner.


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