Brussels fails to hear Brexit message

At its extraordinary session of June 28, the European Parliament has issued a release on the UK referendum and its consequences. It says that they acknowledge British citizens’ will to quit and they wish to respect it – what else could they do, by the way?

As far as the future is concerned, they draw the conclusion that the EU must be made better and more democratic but the necessary restoration of member state sovereignty – the lack of which was the primary cause for the decision to leave – is not even referred to in the 16-paragraph document. Instead, they do offer the solution of a two-speed Union with a close cooperation among the core countries. Further, deeper integration and an underlying super-state agenda are implied by the will to strengthen economic and monetary union as well as a common foreign policy. The document rejects the concept of a flexible cooperation of all member states and wants to “utilize the potential lying in the Lisbon Treaty” and keep patching it to answer the so inevitable post-Brexit question: which way to go, European Union?

The European Parliament has failed to hear the message of Brexit and refuses to face the situation. This is the last chance for the European Union to abandon the Lisbon path of centralization and dictatorship so contrary to the will of the population and decide to construct a Europe of Nations instead of a Brussels-centred empire.


On behalf of Jobbik’s EP delegation: Zoltán Balczó