Animal welfare: Put ideological differences aside

Animal rights groups held another joint demonstration in Budapest to stop cruelty to animals.  The march “Together for Animals” went from St. Stephen’s Basilica to Heroes’ Square. Zsolt Egyed also joined the demonstration as a private citizen. As an MP, Jobbik’s politician has been organizing roundtable discussions, submitting motions and speaking in Parliament to accomplish such animal protection goals as giving prison sentences for animal abuse and launching a centrally subsidized spay/neuter assistance programme.

In his Facebook page, Mr Egyed reported that in addition to the many words of encouragement and suggestions from the participants, he also got into an uncalled for skirmish. Questioning him, a lady asked what a Jobbik member was doing in a pro-left event. Mr Egyed responded that he had travelled 200 kilometres to join the demonstration. The heart of the lady stuck in the ideological fight of left and right softened when nearby participants explained her that the person she was attacking was actually the one who had organized the Animal Welfare Roundtable and raised the issue of grave animal welfare problems to Parliamentary level.

When he was finally given a chance to speak, Mr Egyed said there was no point generating unnecessary ideological disputes when the goal is common: to ensure the welfare of animals. He added he had never seen a left-wing dog, a right-wing cat, a liberal raccoon or a nationalist horse. Eventually, the parties came to a complete agreement on the grounds that both of them fought for stopping cruelty to animals and developing a responsible animal ownership culture.

In conclusion, the MP’s Facebook post says: “There are no sides, there are only common goals. The bottom line is if we listen to each other and find common grounds, our cause cannot fail!”

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