Jobbik in Hungary Fidesz or Jobbik?
For the next 18 months until the elections in 2018, Gábor Vona will make a commitment each month, which will then form a core element of Jobbik's government programme if the party gets into power
Jobbik in Hungary Someone must take political responsibility for the Pharaon affair
Mirkóczki: No authority is ever allowed to evade the law
Jobbik in Hungary Student Parliament Member spills the beans after censored speech
Jobbik MP Dóra Dúró: Our politicians should be helping to raise young people who can think and consciously participate in our political life
Jobbik in Hungary Vona: It's time for everybody to come out
Jobbik has always wanted a complete protection for the country
Jobbik in Hungary Viktor will not let it happen yet - constitutional amendment not on Parliament's agenda
Christian Democratic MP György Rubovszky informed us that Jobbik's Constitutional bill will not be on the agenda today. Perhaps next week
Jobbik in Hungary "Government parties can now demonstrate how important it is for them to protect the country"
Jobbik proposes to complement Section 2 of Article 4 with one sentence as follows: "the claimed right defined in Section 1 shall not be obtainable for payment"
Jobbik in Hungary Will Viktor let the bill pass now? Jobbik resubmits the constitutional bill
The patriotic opposition party is going to resubmit Viktor Orbán's Constitutional bill, with the addition of a single sentence to it
Jobbik in Hungary Does PM Orbán know of Minister Rogán's affairs?
Jobbik expects PM Viktor Orbán to reveal whether he would keep backing Antal Rogán despite the ‘serious media allegations’ concerning his minister and whether they were true
Jobbik in Hungary Vona: Orbán got unused to democracy
The only reason why we could not reach a consensus this time is that PM Orbán is used to always having things his way
Jobbik in Hungary Vona is ready to vote on constitutional bill within 24 hours but Orbán is no longer interested
The leading opposition politician says it is natural for the opposition to set conditions before giving their votes for a Constitutional bill