Hungarian Across Borders On 5 December, Jobbik warns Hungarian government that Romania's borders by no means stretch to River Tisza
Jobbik attaches importance to cooperation with the surrounding countries but no consideration of neighbourhood policy can ever override the interests of the Hungarian communities
Jobbik in EU Jobbik hopes for a real political renewal in Italy
n our view, the failure of the referendum submitted by PM Matteo Renzi was the predictable manifestation of the citizens' dissatisfaction with the reigning political elite
Jobbik in Hungary Dirty trick and dirty money
Mr Kárpát believes that the reason why Fidesz-Christian Democrats do not back Jobbik's Constitutional bill is because this way the government can retain its residency bond business
In the EP Free trade agreement even if it violates EU treaty?
EP voted on a motion submitted by 89 MEPs in order to turn to the European Court of Justice regarding the EU-Canada free trade agreement's (CETA) compliance with EU Treaties
Jobbik in Hungary Rogán may be the key for Jobbik's way to power
Mr Apáti claimed that Mr Rogán and his tiny team of similarly arrogant individuals failed to serve the public but they serve the interests of the Prime Minister instead
Jobbik in Hungary Everybody deserves retirement after 40 years of work
Jobbik will continue standing for the voluntary retirement of women and men after 40 years of paid work, as long as the motion enables the largest possible group of people to use this opportunity
Jobbik in Hungary Change of heart: Fidesz no longer sees any reason to amend constitution
idesz and Christian Democrat MPs cannot come to terms with Jobbik's bill excluding the residency bond programme alongside the mandatory migrant allocation quota
Hungarian Across Borders Reaction to Ukraine PM's visit to Hungary
We find it unacceptable that Ukraine continues to oppress the national minorities living in its territory, including the Transcarpathian Hungarians
Jobbik in Hungary Gábor Vona turns directly to president of Hungary on residency bond issue
Vona asked for a one-on-one meeting from the president because he felt the matter was so grave that there was no point getting stuck in partisan disputes
Jobbik in Hungary "Terrorist bonds" here to stay - Jobbik's constitutional bill remains off Parliament's agenda
Jobbik was going to try again and get on the agenda with their motion that would exclude mandatory migrant allocation quotas and the sales of residency permits