Jobbik in the EU Jobbik: Crimea referendum is exemplary
Márton Gyöngyösi had a press conference on Sunday's Crimean referendum and he pointed out that Jobbik considered the Crimean vote as the triumph of a community's self-determination.
Hungarian Across Borders Open letter to Romanian President Traian Basescu and Prime Minister Victor Ponta
We have two potential explanations here. You were either misinformed, or you play a lowly and anti-Hungarian political game.
Jobbik in the World Nagorno-Karabakh – still an open wound in the Caucasus
Death struck the peaceful inhabitants of Khojaly 22 years ago. The most tragic event of ethnical cleansing that had been going on for 22 years, is a national mourning day in Azerbaijan.
Jobbik in the EU Jobbik: "The new Ukrainian government is chauvinistic and illegitimate"
Jobbik demands the Hungarian government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take measures in order to protect the Hungarian ethnic minority in the Lower Carpathian region.
In the EP Jobbik elects Krisztina Morvai as head of list for EP elections
The president of the patriotic party pointed out that Jobbik was planning to hold a referendum on the relationship between the European Union and Hungary.