Jobbik in the World Jobbik: Definite NO to military participation
The US's Orwellian calls for sovereign countries to participate in the war seem particularly scary now when the Hungarian government, undermining the seemingly sovereign status of our nation, su
Jobbik in the World The primary goal: neutrality, independence and security for Hungary
In Jobbik's view, NATO has drifted apart from its original defence role and has been acting as an increasingly offensive alliance.
Jobbik in Hungary No two-thirds majority in the vote, Hungarian soldiers will not go to fight against the Islamic State
Even though the government was ready to send the Hungarian Defence Forces to join the war against the Islamic State, Jobbik has been opposing the plan from the very beginning
Jobbik in the World Further damage to Hungary's sovereignity?
"To protect Hungary's sovereignty, Jobbik opposes the free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States of America." stated Márton Gyöngyösi, the deputy head of Jobb
Jobbik in the World Jobbik refuses to send Hungarian troops against ISIS
Jobbik MP Márton Gyöngyösi refused plans of governing Fidesz on a military contribution to the stability of Iraq Kurdistan.
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik urged Parliament to stand up for peace
President of the Foreign Committe Zsolt Németh (Fidesz - the ruling party) told he did not believe that armed conflicts can be anytime solved by political measures and saved the point of NATO on the o
Jobbik in Hungary Open letter to the US Ambassador
Szávay István's open letter to Colleen Bradley Bell, Ambassador of the United States.
Jobbik in Hungary Anti-war demonstration with a coffin
Sixty-four Counties" Youth Movement (HVIM), Jobbik and Jobbik's Youth Platform held a joint protest march with torches against the military drafting of Hungarians living in the Lower Carpath
Jobbik in Hungary Open letter to János Áder, President of Hungary
After the joint commemoration of the tragedy of Jewish people, it is time to commemorate the tragedy of German people as well, expressing that Hungarians equally condemn all genocide.
Jobbik in EU Open letter to the peoples of Ukraine
Fully aware of our historic responsibility, driven by honest intentions and with a clear conscience, we are addressing the warring parties in Ukraine, the peoples of Ukraine and European leaders