Hungarian Across Borders Ukrainian crisis - demonstration against military drafting in the Lower Carpathians
"This is not a Hungarian war, and neither is it the war of any other nation in the Lower Carpathians", so we must speak out for the Hungarian, Ruthenian and Ukrainian families alike – he sta
Hungarian Across Borders Vona: Szeklers will have their autonomy sooner or later
Gábor Vona says no matter what the Romanian state does, Szeklerland will sooner or later have its autonomy.
Hungarian Across Borders "This war is not a Hungarian war"
Lots of rumours and misinformation are being spread about the Ukrainian situation, which clearly shows that people are afraid and there is a near-panic among Hungarians in the Lower Carpathians - poin
Party Announcements Jobbik is the No. 1 opposition party
Fidesz-Christian Democrats is awaiting this autumn's local governmental elections from a sound leading position, the political left shows signs of a final disintegration, therefore Jobbik...
Party Announcements Jobbik protested against Israel's aggression in Gaza
On Thursday, Jobbik held a protest march in front of the Israeli Embassy in Budapest to demonstrate against the Israeli aggression going on in Gaza.
Party Announcements "We name it. We solve it." - election programme for 2014
The Jobbik's detailed election programme for 2014 - called "We name it. We solve it." -  is now available at the following link:
Jobbik in the EU OSCE Interlocutors are not Jobbik supporters
OSCE confirms that Jobbik was not ensured equal conditions in the Hungarian parliamentary election campaign.