Jobbik in the World Firm preventive measures are needed against terrorism
Jobbik is astounded to have received the news of the terrorist acts in Ankara, Zurich and Berlin
Jobbik in EU If that's what it takes, let there be a revolt!
Jobbik launches European citizens' initiative for wage union
Jobbik in EU Let us ask our Polish friends not to walk into a political dead-end
Let us ask the Polish government to be wiser and more considerate than the Hungarian leadership and not to follow the wrong course
Hungarian Across Borders Jobbik welcomes the success of RMDSZ and expresses sympathy for the abandoned People's Party
MP István Szávay congratulated the Hungarian politicians who got a seat in Bucharest's parliament
Jobbik in Hungary Vona confronts PM Orbán in Parliament
Vona: "Can you fight fair or do you stick with mudslinging?"
About Jobbik A short summary about Jobbik
Jobbik's predecessor, Right Youth Movement was founded in 1999 as an organization comprised mostly of college students.
Jobbik in the World Jobbik condemns anti-Christian attack in Cairo
Jobbik asks the Egyptian government to oppose the terrorists, and calls upon Europe's governments, to do what is in their power in order to guarantee the safety of Christians in the Middle East
Jobbik in Hungary They let him in, supported him, then denied he was here
This is how Ghaith Pharaon came to Hungary
Jobbik in Hungary This months's winner is Jobbik, the loser is Fidesz
Republikon Institute's survey also shows that Jobbik has a secure hold on the second position in popularity ratings
Jobbik in Hungary Vona on governance: We must prove that our ideas work
Vona talked to German news portal Unser Mitteleuropa