Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik to remove President of the Republic from office
János Áder may fall victim of the media war
Hungarian Across Borders Szávay: Transcarpathian Hungarian cmmunity may suffer mortal wound
István Szávay inquired into the Hungarian foreign affairs minister’s position on Ukraine’s language act and expressed his opinion on the failure of Hungarian diplomacy.
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik hands over Wage Union initiative to trade unions
Nearly fifty members of twenty-three trade unions accepted Jobbik’s invitation for a meeting to discuss the European Citizens’ Initiative for a Wage Union.
Jobbik in EU Gábor Vona's address to the Krynica Economic Forum
"Either we have a wage union and an integrated Europe, or Europe will remain two-speed for a while and finally fall apart."
Hungarian Across Borders Jobbik calls upon government to protect Hungarian schools in Ukraine
Jobbik expects the Hungarian government to take a categorical and firm stance against the amendment of the Ukrainian education act and to prevent it from being signed into law and becoming effective
Jobbik in EU Migrant quota case: Life proved Jobbik right
Jobbik would re-submit its bill to modify the constitution in order to exclude all forms of migrant allocation
Jobbik in Hungary Fidesz' former secretary of state Zoltán Illés signs for Wage Union
Zoltán Illés said he would still run for a parliamentary seat under Fidesz’ banner, but he believed that the government was conducting a corrupt and dishonest policy
Jobbik in EU Bulgaria starts collecting statements of support for Wage Union
In Bulgaria, a government coalition party has also joined the initiative.
Jobbik in Hungary Former MP of LMP party supports the Wage Union because he agrees with the concept
András Schiffer, former MP of Politics Can Be Different (LMP) party finds the Wage Union of utmost importance
Jobbik in Hungary Is the Hungarian government preparing the public for the imprisonment of the opposition?
MP István Szávay: The government is already preparing its supporters for accepting the idea of using physical violence against the opposition if it comes to that