Jobbik in EU Jobbik takes first step to change EU
While Viktor Orbán fights Brussels and puts Hungary in an unfavourable international situation, Jobbik has found the way to bridging the gap between western and eastern EU states
In the EP Statement by Jobbik’s EP Delegation concerning the vote on the “situation in Hungary”
All the three representatives of Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary rejected the motion in general and we of course voted against launching Article 7 in particular, too
Jobbik in EU European Commission registers initiative for Wage Union
Breaking news: the European Commission has registered Jobbik’s initiative for a wage union, which means that the collection of signatures may begin.
Jobbik in Hungary Let the thieves pay!
Gábor Vona says the policy of envy will bring nothing but hatred
Jobbik in Hungary Each ministry must declare how much they paid Fidesz' fake NGOs
Jobbik is convinced that hundred millions of taxpayers’ money were channelled to CÖF so that they could organize rallies in support of the government
Jobbik in Hungary Orbán has no intention to bring home youth driven away from Hungary
Just like the ocean in one drop, the failure of the“Start a business home, youth!” programme shows the true face of Orbánism
Jobbik in Hungary Habony loses to Jobbik in court
Árpád Habony, the operator of Fidesz’ lying lackey media wanted to remove Jobbik’s billboards from the street
Jobbik in Hungary Fidesz agents badly busted
After the change of government in 2018, Jobbik will hold accountable all Hungarian agencies with obscure and blatantly wasteful operation as well as the corrupt Fidesz politicians hiring them
Jobbik in Hungary PM Orbán harshly confronted with hard facts on low Hungarian living standards
Jobbik MP Márton Gyöngyösi posed a question to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and confronted him with the hard facts on how we live here in the allegedly so booming Hungary
Jobbik in Hungary "So it is done" - Fidesz-Christian Democrats still refuse to ban migrant allocation to Hungary
The government’s majority once again prevented the Parliament from amending the Constitution to block any form of migrant allocation. Fidesz-KDNP MPs have been quite consistent in that