Jobbik in Hungary Gábor Vona: Hungary must be protected from Viktor Orbán and his obsessions
According to Gábor Vona Mr Orbán is no longer able to govern Hungary properly, he has no other goal than to keep his power
Jobbik in Hungary This is how Jobbik is going to govern Hungary
In their joint press conference in Budapest, Ádám Mirkóczki and Dániel Z. Kárpát asserted that Jobbik was ready to take over government
Jobbik in Hungary To create a safe, liveable, fair and free Hungary
This is what Gábor Vona wants
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik: Wage Union and housing construction projects to stop emigration of youth
Jobbik believes that the European wage union, governmental housing construction projects and an enhanced IVF-programme could help improve Hungarian demographic figures
Jobbik in Hungary This is how Jobbik is going to govern Hungary from 2018
Jobbik’s assembly adopted a declaration on fundamental government guidelines to ensure a free, liveable, safe and fair Hungary
Jobbik in Hungary Fidesz is afraid
It is afraid of Jobbik, it is afraid of losing its power and it does not even refrain from submitting anti-democratic motions
Jobbik in Hungary Gábor Vona to Viktor Orbán: "You have turned from a fiery young democrat into a burn-out Communist"
Mr Orbán was “unable to step out of his little world of obsessions” even though he could certainly benefit from supporting the wage union
Jobbik in the World Jobbik dedicated to environment protection
Always keep in mind that the protection of our planet Earth means securing our children’s future!
Jobbik in the World Jobbik condemns latest terror attack
Jobbik expresses its heartfelt condolences to the relatives of the victims of the London attack and wishes a soon recovery for all those injured in the incident
Hungarian Across Borders Vona: We must teach our children to feel "I am a Hungarian and a winner"
“There is no future without the past but commemoration must be more than just protocol”