Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik expects more attacks from Fidesz
Jobbik is going to face an important and difficult period in the next three-four months while continuing the preparations for getting into government
Jobbik in Hungary Orbán is up to his neck in Pharaon scandal
Viktor Orbán does not only need to account for his ministers’ but also his own relationship with this international criminal and his company
In the EP The adoption of CETA promotes the interests of global corporations
Jobbik MEPs rejected the deal because it endangers the Union’s environmental and food safety norms, labour achievements as well as the sustainable European agriculture
Jobbik in Hungary Hungarian citizens inform Jobbik of terrible conditions
Jobbik’s questionnaire called Real National Consultation was returned by about two-hundred thousand citizens
Jobbik in Hungary Instead of protecting it, Fidesz sells out Hungary's security
The decision to sell out residency bonds at a discount clearly shows that nothing is precious enough for Fidesz, Jobbik’s MP asserts
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik wants parliamentary committees to hear ministers on the thousands of visas granted to Russian citizens
Jobbik initiates a joint, classified session of the National Security and the Foreign Affairs Committees
Jobbik in the World Jobbik condemns Israel’s unlawful acts
We trust that the Israeli leadership will understand the negative consequences of the decision and abandons these unlawful acts
Jobbik in Hungary Hungarian government made a deal with moneygrabbing banks
The torment of foreign currency loan holders goes on
Jobbik in the World Gábor Vona talks about Trump and Putin to New York Times
Gábor Vona would welcome an agreement between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
In the EP MEP Morvai received letter on Transylvanian Hungarians from Frans Timmermans
Juncker's deputy is aware of what happens to Transylvanian Hungarians