Jobbik in Hungary

2016-10-18 09:22
Gábor Vona spoke in the Hungarian Parliament
2016-10-16 18:58
Vona: Today Jobbik is the only realistic challenger for Fidesz, and everyone who sends their answers to us will help our party create the future government programme
2016-10-15 18:23
Jobbik's primary goal is to make it mandatory for MPs and other public figures to submit and publish the wealth gain audits of the people living in their households
2016-10-15 18:18
If the government truly wants to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the revolution in a worthy manner, they should completely open the pre-1990 state security files for research
2016-10-11 09:36
Considering the weight of the matter, Gábor Vona is still convinced that a personal, bilateral discussion may be necessary between him and PM Viktor Orbán
2016-10-10 10:56
The total ruination of daily paper "Népszabadság" is yet another manifestation of PM Viktor Orbán's ruthless megalomania
2016-10-07 09:40
Jobbik is open to the idea of a constitutional amendment and has a constructive approach to the issue but the government parties must also demonstrate their willingness
2016-10-06 12:43
Hungary is a place where, under Fidesz' rule, even anti-corruption funds get stolen
2016-10-05 09:28
Viktor Orbán finally realized that Jobbik had been right all along and now he wants to re-submit our earlier motion
2016-10-04 14:40
In Mr. Toroczkai's opinion, the lengthy partisan campaign is only part of the reason why the vote was invalid