Jobbik in Hungary

2016-11-21 10:50
Mirkóczki: No authority is ever allowed to evade the law
2016-11-21 10:45
Jobbik MP Dóra Dúró: Our politicians should be helping to raise young people who can think and consciously participate in our political life
2016-11-18 10:25
Jobbik has always wanted a complete protection for the country
2016-11-17 09:27
Christian Democratic MP György Rubovszky informed us that Jobbik's Constitutional bill will not be on the agenda today. Perhaps next week
2016-11-17 09:11
Jobbik proposes to complement Section 2 of Article 4 with one sentence as follows: "the claimed right defined in Section 1 shall not be obtainable for payment"
2016-11-13 19:49
The patriotic opposition party is going to resubmit Viktor Orbán's Constitutional bill, with the addition of a single sentence to it
2016-11-13 09:57
Jobbik expects PM Viktor Orbán to reveal whether he would keep backing Antal Rogán despite the ‘serious media allegations’ concerning his minister and whether they were true
2016-11-10 10:54
The only reason why we could not reach a consensus this time is that PM Orbán is used to always having things his way
2016-11-09 16:36
The leading opposition politician says it is natural for the opposition to set conditions before giving their votes for a Constitutional bill
2016-11-09 16:30
We will not assist the government in taking any half-measures.