Jobbik in Hungary

2017-02-09 12:42
The torment of foreign currency loan holders goes on
2017-02-03 22:59
In his Budapest press conference on Friday, János Volner emphasized that his party was ready to replace the government
2017-02-02 10:07
The party turns down constitutional amendment to block immigration
2017-02-01 17:41
Jobbik’s Board has decided not to nominate a candidate for President of the Republic and the party will not endorse any of the potential candidates mentioned so far
2017-02-01 10:16
The speech was held on January 28, 2017, on the season opening session of Jobbik
2017-02-01 09:47
Apáti: There is a Prime Minister whose recent steps have been driven by his fear of Jobbik and there is a leftist party which no longer has bank credit even
2017-01-30 20:03
Jobbik’s president Gábor Vona was hosted by HirTV’s Morning Run show on Monday, where he was asked about his State of the Nation Address delivered on Saturday
2017-01-30 17:31
President of Jobbik spoke on the season opening event of the party
2017-01-27 09:12
Fidesz’ witch-hunt on the organizations regularly referred to as fake NGOs by the government party is just a ploy to divert public attention from a rampant corruption
2017-01-26 10:31
We are not at all surprised that Fidesz’ local potentates abandon the values of a civic Hungary