Jobbik in Hungary

2017-05-23 14:10
Gábor Vona was interviewed by ATV’s “Straight Talk” show, with the issue of the wage union in focus.
2017-05-22 19:41
In his Monday’s press conference Dániel Z. Kárpát said that the brain drain of our youth had upset the social security and pension system
2017-05-22 18:05
In his pre-agenda speech, Gábor Vona informed the Parliament about the success of his party’s initiative
2017-05-21 19:33
Gábor Vona was interviewed by Olga Kálmán in her TV show “Talk Straight”.
2017-05-20 16:22
The “Morning News Ride” programme of Radio Lánchíd made an interview with Jobbik’s president Gábor Vona
2017-05-19 11:50
In his in-depth interview with Radio Lánchíd, Jobbik MP Márton Gyöngyösi talked about the significance of the European Commission (EC) having registered the party’s initiative
2017-05-18 13:31
The key participants should be employers’ organizations, cultural associations, trade unions and churches as well as social and charity organizations
2017-05-16 09:27
Gábor Vona says the policy of envy will bring nothing but hatred
2017-05-16 09:20
Jobbik is convinced that hundred millions of taxpayers’ money were channelled to CÖF so that they could organize rallies in support of the government
2017-05-15 09:30
Just like the ocean in one drop, the failure of the“Start a business home, youth!” programme shows the true face of Orbánism