2016-07-14 16:43
The negligence of the Hungarian governments had a significant responsibility for the intolerable situation where the EU’s bureaucrats were completely insensitive to Central Europe’s minority issues
2016-06-06 21:38
It was 96 years ago that the Trianon peace dictate was signed, as a result of which 2.3 million Hungarians were stuck beyond the new borders and subjected to the rule of foreign countries
2016-06-02 17:49
We call upon the Ukrainian government, which abuses its power and oppresses its ethnic communities, to comply with the relevant treaties on human and minority rights and refrain from conducting a show
2016-05-31 12:20
Jobbik has never participated and will never participate in any action that could possibly endanger the peaceful co-habitation of Transcarpathian ethnic groups
2016-05-19 08:10
MP Tamás Sneider: The Association of Romanians in America was more active in trying to ensure the rights of these individuals under criminal charges than the motherland
2016-05-19 08:05
The massive emigration of recent years has created a new situation in national policy
2016-05-19 08:02
After London and Bristol, Dublin has become the westernmost European location where Jobbik established a friendship group last week
2016-04-29 10:12
Szávay hopes that ultra-nationalist, anti-Hungarian forces will have as little influence on the Serbian political discourse as possible
2016-04-21 10:21
What does the Hungarian government intend to do to ensure that international conventions be respected with regard to the detention of István Beke and Zoltán Szőcs?
2016-04-15 10:30
Délhír reported of conditions that would put the North Korean Communist regime to shame